About Integrated Solutions

Suite of integrated solutions to advance your business.

Access Management System

Guard against information leak with Access Management System and Card Authentication. By utilizing the Access Management System, administrators can restrict the functions that each individual, workgroup or department is allowed to use on the imageRUNNER ADVANCE. Together with the contactless Card Authentication unit to identify the actual user. you will enjoy higher levels of security and reduced wastage from unauthorized prints.

Adobe LiveCycle® Rights Management

Create your own rules with Adobe LiveCycle® Rights Management ES Server. After all, you are in the best position to know what truly works for your company, department, or workgroup. With Canon's Integrated Solutions, you will be able to create policies that are embedded into scanned documents. There documents when opened will trigger a check to ensure the latest policies and access list on the server are enforced. The end results are increased confidentiality and flexibility – all without altering your current process.

Advanced Box

Effective document collaboration is vital for any business. Canon's unique and integrated document sharing and storage solution lets you retrieve and edit files, save in native formats, and share documents readily with your colleagues.

PDF & XML Electronic Document

Whatever is your preferred file format, you can now be freed to do the important work without worrying about file compatibility. Whether you are distributing your files through the Internet, archiving scanned documents or creating presentation slides, you will be able to achieve all these with the imageRUNNER ADVANCE advanced PDF & XML electronic documents functionalities.