About Multi-Purpose Cameras

Bringing together high quality imaging and low light sensitivity, Canon’s range of multi-purpose cameras support a wide variety of needs such as news gathering to surveillance and wildlife documentary filmmaking to name a few.

Outstanding low light performance

Outstanding low light performance
Equipped with large imaging CMOS sensors that provides high quality Full HD video capture, and also the DIGIC DV4 imaging platform that boasts excellent noise suppression for low light imaging performance, Canon’s multipurpose cameras provide high quality pictures in a broad range of applications including broadcast, cinema, research, security and surveillance.

EF mount for extensive lens compatibility

Canon’s multi-purpose cameras employ the EF mount (Cinema lock type seen in the Cinema EOS series). This means that not only are they compatible with the wide ranging EF lineup that includes wide-angle, super telephoto and large diameter lenses, they also can utilise the Cinema EF lenses (inclusive of the CINE-SERVO and COMPACT SERVO series), which are optimized for video capture, resulting in enhanced movies when paired with cameras with Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This opens up creative freedom due to increased shooting flexibility.

Wide Dynamic Range

Full HD video up to 50p / 60p
Dynamic range as much as 12-stops is also realized thanks to the use of Canon Log and Wide DR Gamma, well-established on the Cinema EOS system. Feel free to shoot without worries, be it daytime or night.

Compact, modular and rugged box-style design

Total image control
Tripod sockets and sockets for 1/4-inch screws are located on the top and base of the cameras' rugged, box-style bodies. Easy combined with shooting peripherals such as stabilization gimbals and camera rigs, these light, compact cameras are also ideal for variety of setup such broadcast rigs, pan-tilit-zoom systems, and even drones.

Professional connectivity options

Reliable crew
On the camera rear, you will find an assortment of broadcast standard interfaces that cater to a large variety of shooting needs, such as 3G / HD-SD and HDMI terminals for output to external recorders and monitors, and remote terminals for remote camera operation.

Full HD video up to 50p / 60p

With Full HD video supported up to 50p / 60p, it is possible to record smooth, high quality footage of moving subjects with reduced motion blurring.