Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

Regional CSR activities

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Photography Workshop for Victory Charity Home

Canon Marketing Malaysia hosted 40 children from Victory Charity Home for a 3-hour photography workshop at Canon’s new UOA Business Park office on 29 November 2016. The children, aged between 7 to 18 years old, were selected by the administrator of Victory Charity Home and had shown interest in photography.

Participants from Victory Charity Homes

The workshop was conducted by Corporate Communication & Planning Division (CCPD) where tips and techniques on photography were imparted. After the theoretical session, the children had a hands-on session in taking various shots using the loan camera around the UOA Business Park office.

Children paying full attention during the
theoretical session
Familiarising with the camera before practice

Subsequently, the children was brought for a short tour at the Canon Excellence Centre on Level 2 and Service Centre at Level 3 where they witnessed our daily operations. They were also able to view the wide range of products from network cameras, printers and also Creative Park Corner.

Children trying out the freeze motion technique Photographing close-up shots at the diorama area

Canon Marketing Malaysia also contributed 2 units of IXUS compact cameras to Victory Charity Home.

(Left to right) Mr. James Ong, caretaker and Mr. Nicholas Mok, administrator receiving two compact cameras from Canon Marketing Malaysia, presented by Ms. Cheryl Lim, Senior Manager, Corporate Communication and Planning Division.

Happy Library Book and Toy Donation Campaign

Canon's initiative in promoting the reading culture among the younger generation culminated in the setup of a library for underprivileged children at Sungkai, Perak. Over 50 orang asli children, between the ages of 4 to 13 years, from Kampung Tidong benefitted from the library.

A second hand books and toys donation campaign was carried out at Canon's headquarters for a duration of 2 weeks, from 20 June till 1 July 2016. Donations from staff and members of the public flooded the collection house.


All items were sent to Kampung Tidong, Sungkai, Perak on 16 July 2016. The setting up of the 'Library of Hope' was witnessed and celebrated by 100 participants comprised of the villagers, parents, children and volunteers. Other contributions from donors such as stationery sets, school bags and many more were distributed to the orang asli children and brought smiles to their face.

Contributors of the Happy Library project Houses in Kampung Tidong, Sungkai, Perak
Donations inclusive of white board to aid learning activities.
Children gathering at the completion of set up. Completed library.
Group photo of the volunteers and the villagers from Kampung Tidong