Environment Policies

Our Commitment to Quality

We are committed to provide EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE by applying the principles of Total Quality Management to our products, processes and systems through:
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENTS in the availability and distribution of our products and services
  • TOTAL STAFF INVOLVEMENT to meet our customers' needs and expectations
  • WORKING TOGETHER with our business partners to achieve total customer satisfaction
*As of 15th August 2011

CMM EHS Policy: Safety First

We warmly welcome you to Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., an organization that places environment, health and safety as utmost priority.

Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is now one of the leading organizations in the provision of products and services to reputable customers. We are continually exploring opportunities to improve our management systems.

The environment, as well as your health and safety is always our concern, and therefore we urge you to take a little time to understand the guidelines and rules stipulated herein.

We wish your visit would be a safe and fruitful one.

In support of the Corporate EHS direction, the Management and Staff of Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd are committed to the concept and practice of environmental, health and safety (EHS) throughout the organization and complying with relevant legislation and other requirements.

The Objective is to provide Sales, Distribution and Servicing of Canon Brand of Office and Personal Imaging Products and Solutions, in a manner that meets the standards and requirements of our interested parties. This is central to our Customer Satisfaction Philosophy; to instill confidence in our customers and continually improving Environmental, Health and Safety performance and impress upon them to engender empathy and create new values.

We are committed:
  • To develop, implement, maintain and improve the Company's EHS Management System;
  • To place safety and health of all interested parties as top priority;
  • To improve environmental performance through conservation of natural resources, waste minimization and prevention of pollution;
  • To arrange, provide, maintain and continually improve safe system of work for all interested parties; so as to prevent injury & ill health;
  • To plan safety related and incident prevention activities;
  • To provide adequate training, information and instruction on environmental protection, workplace safety and health hazards;
  • To provide all necessary resources for the protection of people and assets;
  • To ensure that the requirements of environmental, occupational safety and health, legal and other requirements are complied with.

Herein lies the fundamental of all work undertaken and practiced by all personnel in their daily activities. It is important that all staff acknowledge their responsibility in these aspects and provides positive contribution for environment, health, safety and welfare in conjunction with the policy.

Andrew Koh
President & CEO
Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

1 September 2016

Canon Group Environment Charter

1 August 2004

Corporate Philosophy
Achieve corporate growth and development while contributing to the prosperity of the world and the happiness of humankind.

Environmental Assurance Philosophy
In the interest of world prosperity and the happiness of humankind, pursue maximization of resource efficiency, and contribute to the creation of a society that practices sustainable development.

Fundamental Policies for Environment Assurance
Seek to harmonise environmental and economic interests in all business activities, products and services (the EQCD concept); offer products with lower environmental burden through innovative improvements in resource efficiency, and eliminate anti-social activities that threaten the health and safety of mankind and the environment.
  • Optimise the organisation for promoting the Canon Group's global environmental efforts, and promote environmental assurance activities for the Group as a whole
  • Assess the environmental impact of entire product lifecycles and explore ways to minimise environmental burden
  • Promote the research and development of technologies and materials essential for environmental assurance and share the achievements with society
  • Comply with all applicable laws in each country/region and other requirements the Canon Group agrees upon with stakeholders, and promote energy and resource conservation and elimination of hazardous substances in all corporate activities
  • In producing and purchasing necessary resources, give priority to materials, parts and products with lower environmental burden
  • Establish an Environmental Management System (EMS) to prevent environmental pollution and damage and steadily reduce environmental burden
  • Actively disclose to all stakeholders information on environmental burden and keep them updated on the progress of environmental measures
  • Raise the environmental awareness of employees and educate them to take the initiative in environmental protection
  • Maintain close relationships with governments, communities, and other interested parties, and actively support and participate in environmental protection activities

Fujio Mitarai
President and CEO
Canon Inc

General EHS Guidelines & Rules for External Parties

Following are guidelines and rules that must be complied with while on Canon Marketing (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (CMM) premises. Vendors / suppliers/ contractors and transporters must strictly follow and observe these rules. It is the responsibility of each vendors /suppliers / contractors and transporters to ensure that their staff concern is familiar and adheres to this rules. Visitors are also encouraged to comply with these rules whenever possible.

Entering and Leaving CMM premises
  1. Enter and leave CMM premises by assigned entrances and exits only.
  2. Register at the reception area / guard house before entering CMM premises.
  3. Wear the given CMM visitor tag at all times while in CMM premises.
  4. No one is allowed to bring any harmful and dangerous object or equipment into CMM premises unless declared and authorized to do so.
  5. Report to the relevant CMM employee before starting any work.
Vehicles and traffic (Road Safety)
  1. It is not permitted to obstruct roads and fire fighting equipment with vehicles. Parking is only allowed in approved or designated parking locations.
  2. Safety code or traffic signs must be observed whether you are walking or driving.
  3. Observe speed restriction on all roads in CMM premises.
  4. Drivers shall give pedestrians the right of way.
  5. Vehicle engines must be turned off during loading and unloading activities in CMM premises to reduce emission.
General Rules
  1. Sandals, slippers, sleeveless shirts, shorts (above the knee) or any clothing with offensive pictures or wordings are strictly prohibited in CMM premises.
  2. To wear suitable apparel to work (e.g. closed toe shoes and long pants). If applicable, contractors and their workers are required to wear personal protective equipment at places or work designated by management.
  3. All contractors and their workers must be well disciplined and refrained from unruly behavior.
  4. Must only work at the assigned area and not move around in CMM premises.
  5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in CMM premises except at designated smoking area.
  6. Obey and abide by all CMM's in-house safety and other requirements where in company's premises.
  7. Operation of any equipment, machineries or vehicles by unauthorized personnel are forbidden.
Electrical Installation or Repairing Works
  1. Only authorized contractors are allowed to work on electrical installation and repair.
  2. Safety shoes must be worn at all times when performing task.
  3. A warning sign must be displayed before starting work and barricade the area if necessary.
  4. Make sure all electrical equipment use are in good condition. Worn out electrical cords are to be replaced before work starts.
  5. No naked wire or 3 cores wires are allowed to be plugged into switch socket for extension supply purposes.
  6. Dangling cable and wires on the floor are not permissible.
Chemical Handling / Spillages
  1. All chemicals to be brought into CMM's premises must be informed in advance, and have proper labels affixed to the container and MSDS / CSDS provided prior bringing on site.
  2. Proper PPE (personal protective equipment) must be worn where applicable when directly handling chemicals.
  3. No one is allowed to remove or tamper with (deface, modify, alter) the labeling of hazardous chemicals.
  4. Incompatible chemicals are not allowed to be kept within the same compartment place and flammable chemical must be stored at safe distance from any possible ignition sources.
  5. All chemicals have to be handled and used in accordance with legal requirements and good practices.
  6. All chemicals have to be properly, safely and legally managed from the point ofgeneration to the point of final disposal.
  7. If there is any chemical spillage, contain them immediately and inform any of the CMM staff and / or Emergency Response Team Members.
  8. Contaminated absorbents shall be disposed of according to local regulations.
Material Delivery, Handling & Storage
  1. When handling heavy objects, equipments or materials, available mechanical equipment must be used.
  2. Forklift must be operated by CMM's trained personnel only.
  3. Pallet jack or trolley must be used in proper manner and not as skiing toys.
  4. Stacking height of material shall not exceed the level which will render it unstable and create tripping hazard.
  5. Storage of material shall not block or obstruct light, ventilation, proper operation of equipment, leave passageways or passageways to exits, and efficient functioning or use of fire fighting equipment.
  6. Proper lifting techniques must be used to prevent strain and injury to the back of the body.
Cleanliness and Housekeeping
  1. Work locations, equipment and building are to be kept clean and orderly at all times.
  2. All work areas must not obstruct walkways, staircases, entrances, emergency exits and fire fighting equipments and are to be maintained free rubbish, oil, grease and water.
  3. All toilet facilities, including hand basins should be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition.
  4. No food should be consumed at work areas.
  5. Leave the place of work tidy when work is finished for the day so that nobody will run the chance of falling over something. A warning sign must be displayed to indicate cleaning in progress.
Waste Disposal
  1. All wastes (hazardous waste and non hazardous wastes) generated in the course of work in CMM are to be removed from CMM's premises, and must be disposed off properly in accordance to local regulations.
  2. No wastes are to be disposed off into sinks or drains.
Working at Height
  1. When reaching or working at height, ladder must be used.
  2. Ensure ladder is in good condition and check for defects before use.
  3. All portable ladders shall be placed on level and firm hard ground.
  4. Ladders shall not be placed in front of door opening unless door is locked / blocked and warning sign displayed.
  5. Aluminum or metal ladder shall be insulated with rubber or plastic at the edge end of the ladder for electrical work.
  6. Tools shall not be carried in hand when ascending and descending a ladder. It should be carried in pockets or raised by helper, where applicable.
All emergency situations such as accidents, injuries, fire and chemical spillage must be reported to the Management or Emergency Response Team members immediately.

Members of the Emergency Response Team are listed on the ERT Chart displayed next to the entrance door at:
  • Each floor level at Head Office - UOA Business Park
  • Warehouse premises
  • Each floor level at Branch Office

Stay in the area, if possible until the Emergency Response Team member arrives to give all the pertinent information about the incident.

Avoid being panic when the continuous Fire Alarm is sounded. Evacuate in an orderly fashion and follow the instruction of Emergency Response Team members.

The emergency assembly site for vendors / suppliers /contractors / visitors / customers are displayed next to the entrance door at:
  • Each floor level at Head Office - UOA Business Park
  • Warehouse premises
  • Each floor level at Branch Office

All vendors / suppliers /contractors / visitors / customers are to follow the instructions given by members of the Emergency Response Team.

CMM shall not be held liable for any loss or damage or accidents whatsoever suffered by any person(s) as a results of non-compliance or violations of the said guidelines and rules.

CMM encourages you to be a good environmental citizen and observe safe practices while at CMM as well as at all times. CMM will be glad to work with you on environmental, health and safety related matters whenever possible and practical.

10th October 2008
Canon Biodiversity Policy
Global warming and the loss of biodiversity are among the most serious environmental issues in the world. Social expectations for corporate independent efforts for biodiversity conservation have been raised which is caused by the Aichi Target adopted at the Tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Canon's corporate philosophy of kyosei embraces biodiversity by taking into account the importance of protecting the environment when conducting business. Canon understands that it is an important base for a sustainable society, and we have established the "Biodiversity Policy" in order to promote actions to contribute to biodiversity. The Biodiversity Policy is a summary of existing Canon's initiatives as specific efforts by clarifying Canon's "Basic Policy" and "Action Guidelines." Canon holds up the "Utilization of Canon technologies and products for biodiversity conservation," "Consideration for biodiversity centered on operational sites" and "Contribution to the realization of a community rich in biodiversity" as specific initiatives for biodiversity conservation.

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*As of 21st August 2013