Smart choice to guide you through examinations

With 10 + 2 digits, a large 2-line display and an extensive range of 488 functions in total - all in a smart, slim line design. F-788SG is simply the ideal partner for advanced users.
  • 488 scientific and statistical functions
  • 79 scientific constants & 172 metric conversions
  • Dual Power Source with longer battery life (Solar & Battery)
F-788SG - Canon Malaysia - Personal
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Extensive Functions


488 scientific and statistical functions all-in-one! Students can benefit from a wide range of mathematics, trigonometry and statistics functions. E.g. Matrix & vector calculation, Equation Solve & CALC functions, Integration & Differentiation. With Undo or Copy function, it is conventient for input or edition when calculate. F-788SG is simply the smart companion with its extensive functions and easy-to-adapt operation.

Practical 2-line Display


Despite its compact size, the F-788SG has a large LCD two-line display. This shows both the inputs on the top line and the results on the bottom line simultaneously.



In pursuance of the commitment to reduce avoidable energy waste, Canon is devoted in manufacturing our green calculators to the highest standards. Parts of our green calculators are made from recycled Canon product materials. We're delighted in ensuring sustainability and preserving the environment.

Specifications for F-788SG